Commercial real estate offers a number of different investment opportunities for savvy individuals who want to watch their money make money. You do not need a business of your own to be in the market for commercial real estate. We can help you find the ideal investment property for your sized bankroll that meets the goals of your portfolio. The experts at OKC Commercial Properties will help you identify the best investment property for your situation and negotiate the best deal possible.

When it comes to investing in real estate, many people automatically think of residential properties. However, purchasing a commercial investment property offers many potential benefits for investors. First, commercial investment properties provide the opportunity to earn more money off of your initial investment, while providing more cash flow than a typical residential investment property. Second, you can take advantage of any market that you want to invest in by choosing a commercial investment property type that is in demand. Finally, you can start small and work your way up to larger investment properties as you build your bankroll and gain valuable experience.

The different types of commercial real estate that work well as investment properties is incredibly diverse. Every single type of commercial real estate property offers the opportunity for investment. Some of the more common types of investment properties include office real estate, retail real estate, multifamily real estate, land real estate, industrial real estate, and special purpose real estate. OKC Commercial Properties has the experience and knowledge to help you regardless of which type of investment property piques your interest.

Office Real Estate

Purchasing commercial office space for you to use as an investment property gives you a lot of flexibility to find a property that works with your budget and within your investment goals. Office buildings come in all shapes and sizes, from single tenant standalone properties to high-rise luxury buildings. Commercial office real estate is categorized into Class A, Class B, and Class C buildings. Class A is the highest designation for buildings and is reserved for the newest office spaces that are most visually appealing, and offer state of the art technology and amenities. Class A buildings are attractive investment properties because they are in high-demand by top-tier professionals and command the highest leases in the market. However, these properties also require the highest initial investment, as well as continued investment in top-notch property management. Class B buildings are great opportunities as well. However, they are typically older than Class A buildings, do not have all the bells and whistles, and are sometimes not located in the heart of prime business centers. Class C is the lowest designation but can still be lucrative investment properties. Class C buildings can be purchased at below market value and improved to become Class B buildings. But even if you do not put in the resources to make your Class C building a Class B building, they are still attractive office spaces for small companies that cannot afford more expensive office spaces. They are also perfect for businesses that are not location dependent. The experts at OKC Commercial Property are well-suited to help you figure out the market, identify office space that meets your budget, and negotiate a price that sets you up to build your wealth long into the future.

Retail Real Estate

You do not need a business of your own to be in the market for retail real estate properties. Retail spaces make great investment properties. From malls to standalone storefronts, retail real estate is potentially lucrative to any investor that can select the right storefront in the right location. Even in the midst of economic turmoil, goods and services will continue to be offered to the consumer marketplace, which means that there will always be a need for retail investment properties. Retail real estate can offer an excellent introduction to owning investment properties, since you can start with a small property and move your way up to larger spaces with more tenants.

Multifamily Real Estate

If your idea of an investment property has been residential properties, then multifamily real estate offers you a way to get more bang for your buck. Apartments, condominium complexes, and even mobile home parks can provide you a steady stream of income and will always be in demand. Everyone needs a home to live in, but not everyone has the credit or capital to own a home of their own. Let our team at OKC Commercial Properties help you find the perfect multifamily real estate opportunity and start building your investment property portfolio today.

Industrial Real Estate

Industrial real estate covers a wide range of businesses and gives you many options to find an investment property that can help you build wealth within your budget. Although some types of industrial real estate are complicated for consideration as investment properties, such as manufacturing or transportation, warehouses and showrooms can offer you turnkey facilities that are perfect for a variety of tenants.

Special Purpose Real Estate

From car washes and gas stations to everything in between, special purpose real estate provides you ample opportunity to jump into the investment property game. Special property real estate covers a wide range of businesses, industries and properties, which all have their own unique zoning and regulation. While any of these properties offer you ample investment opportunities, working with experts like OKC Commercial Properties can make-or-break your investment property purchase. It is important to work with specialists that know the ins-and-outs of the various properties, how to make sure they are properly valuated, and have a proven track record of negotiating fair prices that make sure you won’t break the bank.

Remember, you do not need to have a business of your own in order to be in the market for commercial real estate. Instead, purchasing commercial real estate as an investment property is a business all on its own. The team at OKC Commercial Properties is here to help you with every step of the process.

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